Flow Nozzle

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The primary Nozzle Element is used in flow measurements where the measured fluid velocity is too high or corrosive, it is normally applied for measuring superheated steam at high pressures and high temperatures in boilers and turbo generators.

The Flow Nozzle has its intermediate characteristic between the Orifice Plate and the Venturi Tube, and the residual pressure loss and manufacturing cost are between these two primary elements.

There are two types of Standard Flow Nozzles, type “ASME”, and type “ISA”, the main difference being the profile of its input radius and the type of pressure outlet, where “ASME” uses the Radius Taps (1D-1 / 2D) in the tubing, and the “ISA” type Corner Taps in welded piezometric rings near the nozzle. F.MASTER manufactures the two types of nozzles with its manufacturing process qualified by ISO 9002 international quality system.

Materials of Manufacture:

Stainless Steel 304/316, Alloy Steel F11, F5, F22, Monel, Hastelloy, Carbon Steel and or alloys.